Try Something Yum is a blog designed to detail my culinary adventures as I try making new recipes from across the web (free stuff only – no cookbooks required). Born on New Year’s Day, the idea behind the blog is to cook more tasty meals at home by committing to trying a new recipe every week for the whole year. I’ll let you know how things went, how they tasted, and any tips to keep in mind for next time.

The recipes will be vegetarian but hopefully things omnivores will enjoy too (no tofurkey here). You might even see a dessert recipe from time to time. Bonus: Luke’s reviews will chronicle the meat-eater’s perspective as he eats his way through my yearlong project (and washes the dishes – thank you Luke!).

I hope you’ll follow along as I attempt to recreate appetizing recipes that I find online, learn from my inevitable mistakes, and be inspired to Try Something Yum, one week at a time!


Me and my homemade Margherita pizza