Week 28: Cauliflower Feta Fritters

Week 28: Cauliflower Feta Fritters

I know we’ve seen a lot of cauliflower recipes on the blog, but I’ve gotta say, that veg has really won me over. Cauliflower is just such a versatile, neutral tasting, nutritional powerhouse. I find you can sneak it in so many places and bonus – you get lots of vitamins for doing so. Cauliflower is the base for these fritters, which are an interesting change of pace from more conventional corn fritters. They are enhanced by salty and oh so delicious feta cheese and topped with a yogurt sauce. I’m going to be honest, I was tired and feeling super lazy, so these fit the bill for a doable weeknight dinner without needing to buy a bunch of fancy ingredients or do a lot of prep work. Bullseye. Recipe from Smitten Kitchen.

Ingredients: cauliflower, feta, pantry staples, and pomegranate which I omitted as the grocery store was closed when I decided to make these.

Fritter batter ready for the frying pan

Timing: 40 minutes!

Yield: 3 servings

Spiced yogurt sauce

Serving: with the yogurt sauce and garnishes. A salad with a vinaigrette dressing would be nice on the side. We had these for dinner but I think they’d make a better lunch or even brunch.

How did it go? These were pretty easy to make. They were a little bit tricky to scoop and form in the pan, as the batter stuck to the spatula when I tried to flatten them or push the edges together… I ended up just carefully using my fingers. Once they browned slightly on the underside, that seemed to hold them together and I had no issues flipping them. I skipped the oven step and just served them as they were ready and left any extras at room temperature until we were done.

Fresh off the stove

Taste: these were really good! For some reason they seemed like more of a brunch dish to me and this sort of felt like breakfast for dinner. I liked the addition of feta as it perks up the slightly bland cauliflower, which acts as a good neutral base for other flavours. The spiced yogurt was a nice garnish and instead of fresh pomegrate, I topped these with fresh chives for a fresh herby flavour and pop of colour. What I liked best was the crispy golden brown exterior on these beauties!


  • Time management: put the pot of water on the stove right away then prep the cauliflower while the water comes to a boil.

Luke’s review: cauliflower fritters – oh my lord. These fritters are light with a textured crunch and a nice salty taste. Also, the cauliflower goes well with the yogurt sauce, which has a little bit of spice. The chives add a nice finishing touch. Would pair this fritter with Port wine (specifically the one that you have; editor’s note: that would be the Taylor Fladgate LBV).

Luke’s recipe rating: thumbs up

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