Week 27: Sweet Potato Avocado Tacos

Week 27: Sweet Potato Avocado Tacos

While it’s no secret that I love cooking elaborate meals, busy adult life doesn’t leave as much time for that as I’d like. I’m continuing to try to find a middle ground for fast, easy, healthy, fresh home-cooked weeknight meals. These tacos appealed to me as they include a bunch of ingredients I love – namely sweet potatoes and avocado. Visually, the colours pop. Nutritionally, I feel great about eating this combo of nutrient packed ingredients (black beans, sweet potatoes, avocado, Greek yogurt, etc.). It almost seemed too simple, too ordinary, but the seasoning on the sweet potatoes adds a nice spice, the feta cheese and fresh lime juice add a little tang, and the avocado sauce is a fresh twist on what I typically do with avocado (i.e., sliced or guacamole). Count me in. Plus, optional toppings if you feel like getting a little more elaborate. These tacos are definitely worth a try. Recipe for Avocado Sweet Potato tacos from Love and Lemons.

Chopped sweet potatoes (two small sweet potatoes)

Ingredients: mostly stuff I already had in the pantry – sweet potatoes, black beans, avocado, plus soft taco shells (I use the small flour tortilla wraps) and optional toppings

Roasted sweet potatoes

Timing: 43 minutes! 13 mins to get the sweet potatoes prepped and in the oven, 20 mins in the oven, and 10 mins to assemble.

Creamy avocado sauce blended and ready for assembly

Yield: 2-3 people (we got 5 tacos out of this, but the last one was really loaded!)

Serving: for dinner, with desired toppings

How did it go? Great! Conveniently, this was really easy to make. You don’t have to flip the sweet potatoes, everything goes into the food processor for the sauce, and you can throw on whatever toppings you have on hand. No endless washing, chopping, leaf picking, etc. This is truly a fast and easy recipe – doable on a weeknight for sure.

I used two small sweet potatoes and cubed them fairly small so they’d cook quickly. I thought we’d need more beans to go along with that but 1 cup was sufficient. We had some leftover sauce but no complaints – will easily find a delicious use for that!

Start assembling by smearing the sauce on the tortillas

Taste: Yum! I love the contrast of vivid colours. Both the colours and the flavours pop. The sweet potatoes are nicely seasoned with a hint of spice, the avocado is mellow and creamy, and don’t skip the squeeze of lime – the brightness makes everything sing. The flavours are complementary and well balanced. I normally don’t put extra salt and pepper on at the end but it was a really nice finishing touch.

Just fold them in half like a taco to eat and enjoy!

Tips: Next time I think I would also enjoy the fresh cilantro and pickled onions. Maybe even some pickled jalapenos. I love the optional topping ideas so you can customize based on what you have on hand and what ingredients you enjoy.

Luke’s review: This tasty taco recipe is deceivingly good. Everything working well in harmony. Salty cheese, creamy avocado sauce, beans and sweet potato well seasoned (good spice on the sweet potato) with a squeeze of fresh lime to top it all off. Awesome dinner any day of the week, amigo!

Luke’s recipe rating: thumbs up

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