Week 12: Monster Cookies

Week 12: Monster Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies? Luke will often ask me why I don’t make cookies more often. The answer is simple – I don’t need another excuse to gobble up sweets for days on end. His typical reply is, “that’s fine, you don’t have to, I’ll eat them!” Regardless, I often feel like I only have so much time and energy for cooking so healthy meals take priority and baking is a bonus or extra if there’s time. Lucky for Luke, I found some free time and decided to give Monster Cookies a try.

What are monster cookies, you ask? Well, they are super delicious peanut butter, oat, chocolate chip, m&m delights. Bonus: there’s no flour, so you could easily make these gluten free – just make sure all your ingredients are officially gluten free. Recipe for Monster Cookies from Recipe Girl.

Ingredients: all pantry staples plus m&m’s and “quick cooking oats” (I found these easily at the grocery store – my understanding is that these are in between regular rolled oats and instant oats)

Timing: I’m not sure exactly how long as I was doing other things in between, but definitely longer than the 25 minutes quoted as you’ll have to bake multiple trays so realistically I’d say more like an hour.

Yield: I got 4 dozen cookies

How did it go? Great! I love fast and easy baking recipes! This comes together in one bowl, no chilling of the dough required; just mix, scoop, and bake. I like to mix in the chocolate chips and m&m’s by hand so the mixer doesn’t smush any of them. The mixture was quite heavy making it a little hard to mix but consider this part your arm workout in advance of cookie eating. The only difficulty I really had was that I kept eating the m&m’s from the bag that I was saving to dot on top. Oops. Seriously though, you could make these on a weeknight with no baking expertise required. I baked mine for 12-13 minutes per tray.

Taste: yummmm! I love these! I have a soft spot for peanut butter and love the flavour it adds without being overpowering. These are just the right amount of sweetness – not over the top by any means. The oats give these a great texture that’s a nice change of pace from typical cookies and make these feel snack-appropriate. These cookies were nice and soft out of the oven (I was actually worried I under-baked them, but they were fine once they completely cooled). They stayed soft and chewy for a day or two before firming up, but they were still good for the rest of the week, just a little crunchier as the days went on. I would definitely make these again!


  • Make sure your butter and eggs are room temperature before you start mixing. If you cut the stick of butter up into 8 tablespoon sized chunks and separate them on the wrapper, it’ll come to room temperature a little quicker, but it will still probably take 30-60 minutes.
  • Stir in the m&m’s and chocolate chips by hand (using a wooden spoon or sturdy spatula) to avoid smushing the m&m’s.
  • Use a scoop to ensure cookies are all the same shape and size. This is not just about aesthetics but will also help ensure all your cookies are evenly baked. I have a melon baller type scoop and to make bigger cookies like these, I use two scoops per cookie.
  • These spread a fair bit so make sure you space them out on the baking sheet.
  • Save some m&m’s to dot on top. They really do make them look nicer.


Luke’s review: these cookies were great! The oats were crunchy. Also helps the waistline. Delicious peanut buttery goodness. M&M chocolates in a cookie – forget about it! (Italian hand gestures).

Luke’s recipe rating: two thumbs up

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