Week 11: Enchiladas with Mango Salsa

Week 11: Enchiladas with Mango Salsa

Do you have a favourite cuisine, or tend to gravitate toward particular cuisines? I’ve definitely got a few favourites, one of which has to be bright Mexican-inspired flavours and recipes. Last year I hosted a Cinco de Mayo party that was basically an excuse to go all out on a homemade taco bar and margaritas. When I saw this recipe for vegetarian enchiladas on Half Baked Harvest’s blog, I knew I had to give them a try. I mean, come on, how could you resist Chipotle Cheddar Cauliflower Black Bean Enchiladas with Mango Avocado Salsa?! Full disclosure, I actually made these last week and I have been dreaming of making them again ever since. That’s how good they are. One of my favourite recipes I’ve tried so far this year.

Ingredients: I had to grab a few items from the produce aisle and had to plan ahead to make sure the mango and avocado were ripe in time (as they always seem to be rock hard at the grocery store). I couldn’t find a poblano pepper so I subbed a red bell pepper plus a small jalapeno. I didn’t realize that the recipe called for chipotle chili powder rather than regular chili powder (which google informs me are totally different) until I was actually making the recipe (oops) so I substituted ½ tbsp chili powder + ½ tsp cayenne. I’ll have to track down the real deal for next time.

Timing: 1h20min

Yield: 5 full size enchiladas

Serving: we enjoyed these on their own served with the fruit salsa in the recipe over top.

How did it go? It went well! I still find things like cutting cauliflower into florets takes me a bit of time, but the recipe was straightforward. I wasn’t sure if the tortillas were supposed to be the small or large ones, and I had the large ones on hand so I just used those. Tieghan (of Half Baked Harvest) wrote me back saying she prefers to use the smaller ones for enchiladas, so I will have to try those next time. I used my one cup measuring scoop to portion out the filling and found there was enough for about five large tortillas, which also happen to fit perfectly in a 9×13 baking dish… amazing! I love when things work out like that.

The one thing that I must confess is that I have never actually prepared a mango before (gasp!). I have eaten them, of course, and often use the frozen chunks in smoothies, but never actually used a regular whole mango. Thankfully it’s 2019 and there’s a Youtube video for everything, so off I went. It was a large mango so even with my questionable hack job around the pit, there was plenty of fruit for the required 1 cup in the salsa 😊 Yay for trying new things! Pineapple would probably also be delicious here.

Oh, and I also got lucky from a time perspective as I had a batch of homemade enchilada sauce ready to go in the freezer. This saves so much time, hassle, and dishes, and it’s hardly any extra work to double the recipe. Maybe I’ll even start tripling it.

Taste: The salsa takes these to the next level! So bright and fruity and fresh. I’ve made vegan enchiladas before but never any with cheese and I loved them! I have to say that the cheese (especially sprinkled on top) is a great touch. Super flavourful filling – spice blend worked out nicely along with the roasted flavour and great mix of veggies, plus I love my enchilada sauce. There are so many amazing flavours going on in this dish, I can’t recommend it enough!


  • Always read the recipe carefully before you go grocery shopping and decide to make it. Things like smoked paprika and chipotle chili powder make a difference. If you happen to get mixed up, just google substitutions.
  • To save time, make extra homemade enchilada sauce and freeze it so it’s ready for your next recipe. I find the store bought stuff too salty and homemade is SO good. I use the recipe from the Oh She Glows cookbook.
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things like the mango! It wasn’t so scary after all 😉

Luke’s review: Visually this looks stunning! Vibrant, lots of flavour here, folks! From the juicy mango right down to the littlest green onion, this burrito packs a punch. Little bit spicy sauce but the mango counter balances that well. Smoked paprika gives some nice heat to jazz it up.

Luke’s recipe rating: two thumbs up – definitely (Luke actually suggested “two thumbs up and a foot” but I wasn’t sure how the foot would be perceived in this arbitrary rating system)


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