Week 4: Everything Bagel Sandwich

Week 4: Everything Bagel Sandwich

I wanted to make a nice weekend breakfast for Luke and I – something a little fancier than our usual rushed weekday fare but nothing that would take too long or involve extensive clean-up. I’ve had this recipe for an everything bagel sandwich bookmarked for a while and decided to give it a go. Once Luke tasted it, he said it “definitely has to go on the blog”. It’s got a whipped scallion and black pepper cream cheese, topped with sliced avocado and peppery baby arugula that comes to life with a little olive oil and a good sprinkle of sea salt, atop a fresh, toasty everything bagel.

This feels like the kind of bougie brunch sandwich millennials go out for, but in the comfort of home. Like fancy avocado toast meets everything bagel with cream cheese, and this recipe truly is the best of both worlds. Even for me, the queen of taking forever to cook anything and everything, it was actually so fast and simple to make. A delicious, good lookin’, quick and easy weekend breakfast idea (or even weekday if you’ve got your act together more so than I do in the mornings). With lots of leftover cream cheese to enjoy another day and extend the flavour delight into those rushed weekday mornings.

Recipe from A Beautiful Plate: httpss://www.abeautifulplate.com/everything-bagel-sandwich/

Ingredients: you’ll probably have to make a trip to the grocery store but nothing hard to find or overly expensive. I recommend using Philadelphia cream cheese (regular, not light) and buying the fancy bagels they bake fresh in the bakery section – a good bagel can make a world of difference here.

Timing: approximately 15 minutes.

Yield: 1 sandwich (easily multipliable), 8 ounces of cream cheese

Serving: you could serve this alongside some home fries if you’re extra hungry but this sandwich was enough to keep me full until lunch on its own.

How did it go? Great! Actually fast and easy. Cutting the bagel in half was a little tricky as everything started smooshing out the sides, so heads up, but the rest was a breeze! I didn’t measure the arugula – just used a handful per person (eyeball how much you think you could fit on one bagel).

Taste: delicious! The flavours work really well together. The whipped texture of the cream cheese is lovely, and the black pepper complements the pepperiness of the arugula.


  • Pepper: I cracked the black pepper onto a piece of waxed paper so I could roll it into a funnel shape to pour into the measuring spoon.
  • Salt: I used pink Himalayan salt instead of kosher salt. If you don’t have that, I would use fine sea salt over a coarse one like kosher, but that’s just personal preference. Regular salt would work too.
  • Cream cheese: I cut it into chunks and let it sit out on the counter to soften up for a bit first.

Luke’s review: Everything bagel, avocado, and cream cheese – a match made in heaven. Cream cheese was fluffy and creamy with a hint of onion which pairs with the everything bagel spices very nicely. Arugula adds a nice crunch to counterbalance the smoothness of the avocado. Would pair this bagel with apple cider. This bagel screams millennial Canadian breakfast.

Luke’s recipe rating: thumbs up

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