Week 2: Roasted Cauliflower Soup

Week 2: Roasted Cauliflower Soup

It’s really starting to feel like winter this week. As in, brrr! What more could anyone want on a cold winter’s day than a hot cup of soup? Well, perhaps some warmer weather, but considering this is Canada, I opted for the soup. When I stumbled upon Kate’s recipe for creamy roasted cauliflower soup, I knew I had to give this one a try. Also, cauliflower seems to be having a moment right now. If you’re looking to change up your soup game from butternut squash, give this cauliflower soup a try.

Here’s the link to Cookie & Kate’s Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Soup recipe: httpss://cookieandkate.com/2018/creamy-roasted-cauliflower-soup-recipe/

Ingredients: easy to find, affordable, many of which I had at home (I just had to grab a cauliflower, red onion, veggie broth, and lemon). Bonus: there isn’t actually any cream in this soup! Although there are 2 tablespoons of butter. But still – creamy soup with no cream?! Amazing! And for my lactose intolerant friends and family, there’s a footnote at the bottom of the original recipe for how you can make it dairy free/vegan using cashews instead of butter.

Timing: this took me about an hour and a half, which is not that far off from the quoted 1 hour 10 minutes! I may be a little bit proud of myself right now.

Yield: I got about 4 bowls of soup, as stated in the recipe.

Serving: this was a perfect dinner appetizer soup on a cold day or would be great with a sandwich for lunch.

How did it go? Very well! I didn’t encounter a single problem making this recipe! It took me a while to chop up the cauliflower but once that was done, the rest was a breeze. I started the onions a little earlier than stated, thus cooking them for a bit longer because I like them soft but don’t like to turn the heat up too high out of fear they’ll stick or burn. If they’re done early you could always turn down/off the heat until the cauliflower’s ready. I also let the soup sit a little longer to cool to avoid any potential issues with steam in the blender. This would probably be a great time to use one of those fancy immersion blenders if you’ve got one. Once I blended it (in two batches in my regular blender) I put the soup back on the stove over low to heat it up and to combine the two blender batches, ensuring they were equally seasoned and warmed.

Taste: Delicious! This soup was smooth, creamy, flavourful, and just what I needed to warm me up. I’ll be honest, I’m not even a big cauliflower fan, but when it’s roasted it becomes delicious and I just loved this soup. The flavour is pleasantly mellow but balanced, and the texture is dreamy smooth.

Tips: Double the recipe! This soup is delish and for all that effort, you might as well make some extra. Apparently it freezes well too. Also, next bowl I have I’m going to try topping it with truffle salt – I feel like that would take it to the next level.

Luke’s review: Mmm really good, super creamy and robust. Makes me smile. Good thick base, nice aftertaste. Definitely lick the bowl worthy. Not a big fan of cauliflower but this is good. Would recommend sourdough bread for the mop up!

Luke’s recipe rating: thumbs up.

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