Welcome to Try Something Yum!

Welcome to Try Something Yum!

With a new year comes new opportunities. While I’m not one to make resolutions per se, I do like to think about things I’d like to accomplish. Cooking more meals at home often seems like an elusive target, so this year I’ve decided to try making one new recipe each week for the whole year. And if I’m going through all that effort, I figured I should take notes on what works and what doesn’t. Creating a binder felt a little passé (it is 2019 after all), so I decided to start a blog and share my findings with the world. Kind of like my own little “Julie & Julia” project. Except instead of Mastering the Art of French Cooking, I’ll be trying vegetarian recipes I’ve found online, with less deboning of duck and more of a contemporary sweet potato/guacamole kind of vibe. Omnivores are welcome too – stay tuned for Luke’s reviews from a meat-eater’s perspective.

So there you have it… the inspiration behind Try Something Yum. Full disclosure: I have no formal culinary training (unless you count the cooking day camp my parents sent me to in elementary school), no idea how to create a website or write a blog, and I’m not known to be a particularly concise writer. I’m just a regular home cook trying to follow instructions as best I can. With that said, I hope you might learn from my inevitable mistakes through trial and error. I’d love if you’d follow along with my culinary adventures, and I hope you’ll find inspiration to Try Something Yum, one week at a time!

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